Information for Auctioneers

How do I join the Wow Factor Team?

Joining the Wow Factor team is a simple 2 step process. 1) Reading and understanding our sales guidelines and 2) registering with our online inventory control system.

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Can I offer the same product to multiple bidders at the same auction?

All Wow Factor Products are available for multiple offerings at the same auction provided that our products are not offered for multiple sale below the minimum reserve outlined in the current pricing guide.

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Does Wow Factor offer an incentive program?

Wow Factor has a generous incentive program for all partner auctioneers. Please contact us for more information.

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Where can I find information on Product Pricing and Sales Instructions?

Please contact us directly through our Website Contact Form or email us via to receive a copy of our product catalog.

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How do I sell Wow Factor Products?

In order to sell Wow Factor Products at auction you must first read and understand the sales rules regarding Wow Factor Products. Once this is completed you must register with Wow Factors Inventory Control System in order to reserve items for upcoming auctions. Wow Factor Products may not be offered without first reserving them in our inventory control system.

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Information for Charities

Can Wow Factor recommend an auctioneer for our upcoming event?

Wow Factor works with a team of professional partner NAA auctioneers. We’d be happy to put you in contact with an auctioneer in your area or work with your preferred auctioneer to help make your fund-raising event a success!

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How can Wow Factor help us with our fundraising event?

Wow Factor provides luxury vacation rental properties and packages for auctions and silent auction.

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Information for Property Owners

How do I list my property with Wow Factor?

In order to list your property with Wow Factor we’ll need to create a webpage, property pdf and Know Before you Go documentation and then get the word out to our auctioneers. This typically takes a few weeks from the time we receive the requested property photos and information.

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Where can I find more information?

Please contact us directly via to arrange to speak with our staff regarding any questions.

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How does Wow Factor handle prior bookings and/or blackout dates?

Because all bookings are handled in person through by our administrative staff we are able to work around any prior bookings and/or owner blackout dates.

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How are bookings handled?

Our Administrative team will work with your existing booking systems whether they be email, online or telephone to ensure all client booking are efficiently handled.

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Information for Winning Bidders

Where can I find information regarding my trip?

Your congratulatory email will contain a link for downloading a helpful “Know Before You Go” travel document. This document contains links to several popular travel sites and information on your specific property.

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What is your refund policy?

Refunds for items bid on at Charity Benefit Auctions fall within the purview of the Charity hosting the event. Please contact your charity for more information on their refund policies.

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I found my trip online for cheaper than what I bid-what can I do?

Wow Factor Lifetime Experiences is not a travel agency. Our business is to source and provide low cost, volume discounted vacation rental properties to charities for the purpose of fund raising at benefit auctions. Please remember that your bid goes to support funding your charities cause and these properties are provided at significant discounts. While Wow Factor Lifetimes Experiences strives to accommodate all reasonable booking requests if you are truly unhappy with your purchase please contact your charity directly for all refund enquiries.

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Is my bid tax deductible?

While many charity benefit auction items qualify for deductions the rules vary greatly from state to state and at the federal level. Please contact your charity for more information or seek independent professional tax advice. Wow Factor Lifetime Experiences does not offer tax advice.

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How do I reserve/book my trip?

Once you receive your congratulatory email containing your booking code simply follow the instructions in the email to contact us at the address provided.

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When/how will I be contacted?

Shortly after your charity event your charities’ auctioneer will submit your contact information to Wow Factor Lifetime Experiences. Once we receive the required contact information from all winners you will receive a congratulatory email containing useful information including instructions on how to contact us, a terms and conditions pdf, a link to an informative “Know Before You Go” document with property and travel details and a booking confirmation code.

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What do I do if I’ve not been contacted within two weeks of my auction?

Some email filters block unknown email, if you have not received your congratulatory email within 14 days from you auction please check your spam folder. If still not present please contact us immediately at Please include your auction name and date, including the product you bid on in your email to aid us in quickly tracking down your booking confirmation code.

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