Owner and CEO, Brendan Lillis became an auctioneer and went to auction school in North Georgia. As part of that training he attended a VIP auction at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Denver, CO. After the event, he was invited to go to an acquisition committee meeting the next day. There were twelve ladies around the table. With no warning my host said, ‘Brendan, why don’t you tell these ladies your plans.’ Two sentences in I mentioned ‘exotic travel packages’. The committee chair said, ‘I get it. You supply The WOW Factor. I burst out laughing. ‘Can I steal that?’ Thus, was born The WOW Factor. From its birth in 2010 The WOW Factor now offers over one hundred and fifty properties in over thirty exotic destinations worldwide, has raised multi million dollars for hundreds of charities across America, and is constantly seeking to innovate. An example being introduced early in 2017 ‘Suites n Seats’. This new partnership offers Participating Partner Auctioneers access to often extremely scarce tickets, seats and suites to major sporting and arts events across America, including Kentucky Derby, Final Four, Ryder Cup, Wimbledon Tennis, US Open, and many more events across America and worldwide.

WOW Factor provides a wide range of exotic, unique Locations and Experiences for use in charity auctions or fundraisers.

WOW Factor allows you to place exotic, unique travel packages in your charity auction without any upfront cost to you. Since you are invoiced after an item sells, every one of our Travel and Experiences are risk free.  These packages can be included in live auctions, silent auctions, raffles or any number of fundraising events.

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